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Checklist while constructing your Dream Home

WiFi Router Placement:

You can place your Wi-Fi router in the centre of your home so you get even wi-Fi strength across your homes. It's always good to have a concealed seperate pipeline for Cat6 cable from the terrace. For Two storey or large buildings MESH networking is recommended.

To know why mesh network, read here -


CCTV or Smart Camera:

If your planning for CCTV,

  • Decide the position of the camera

  • Provide concealed and separate electrical pipes for it

  • Decide the placement of NVR or DVR and make sure to have one CAT6 cable coming to it from the wifi router.

  • Provide two power sockets and if needed space for the TV monitor as well.

For Smart Camera:

  • Need One power source next to the camera.

  • Better to buy 360 camera for tilt option.

Curtain Motors:

Even if your not planing for motorized curtains it better to provide,

  • 5A power socket at the line height of the curtain track

  • Provide atleast 4-6 inches gap for the track

  • If you need switch control, you need 4 wires from the switch box to the curtain tracks.

  • If curtain width is more, prefer double side open and close.

  • Same for blinds as well.

Voice Assistant:

  • Provide additional 5A sockets in each room for placing devices like Alexa, Google home, Home pod etc.

  • Place the Alexa on a flat surface and not in the corner of the room so that your voice is clearing heard.

  • Its better to avoid keeping Alexa next to TV or sound bar.

Rest Rooms:

  • Place the Occupancy sensor in the middle of the restroom ceiling and away from the exhaust fan to automatically turn off lights when not in use.

  • Provide 3 wires from the occupancy sensor to the switch board.

  • For Automating geyser, it better to buy retrofit module instead of smart plugs as smart plugs wont work if some one turns off the power supply for the heater.

Outside Gate:

Even if your not planning for motorized gate, it better to provide 15A power socket next to the gate pillar for future use.

Provide a pipe between both the ends of the gate for keeping sensor and lights on the recieving end.


Water Level controller:

While constructing your home provide a concealed pipe from,

  • Motor switch to the over head tank

  • Motor switch to the underground sump (To know water level)

Motion sensor:

It good to provide extra points in the ceiling for motion sensor. Based on the size provide 1 or 2 points.


For automatic lighting inside the wardrobe provide wiring to the top corner of the wardrobe(for sensor) to the centre of the wardrobe for the lights.



We make your home sustainable my improving its security with CCTV, video doorbell, smart door lock, automating car parking lights, water motor, watering the plants etc. Even if your not at home or out for vacation certain routines are automatically done. Call us and we will tell you how that can be achieved.



By automatically turning off the balcony lights, outdoor lights, car park lights based on time and motion, turning off the geyser, maintaining comfortable temperature of AC etc we can save upto 30% of our electricity bill. You can get back the cost invested within 2 years. Call us for a discussion.



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